Internal Wall insulation

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Why insulate your walls?

Internal Wall Insulation

Saving energy & money..

SD Roberts Plastering Specialise in the installation of internal wall Insulation. We install high performance PIR insulation direct to cold solid walls. We are fully insured & members of YouGen.

The Installation process

Insulating from the inside is a renovation & plastering process involving renewing or replacing the fixtures of the home, Work includes renewing skirting boards, Window boards & refitting radiators & sometimes involves extending electrical points. All of which SD Roberts will take care of. We guarantee high quality workmanship on all jobs & aim for 100% customer satisfaction & guarantee all of our work.

What are the benefits of Internal wall insulation? 
  • Significantly reduces cold & draft from solid walls  
  • Improves energy performance of building (epc)
  • Home is heated rapidly (faster than external insulation)
  • Reduces energy bills (Product pays for itself over time)
  • New plastered walls inclusive
  • Costs can be broken up (Individual rooms or walls) 
  • External appearance/character of building is not compromised

Why is it so important to insulate solid walls?

Until the 1970's there was no maximum U value for walls-It was 1.0 which does not require insulation. However from the 80's the U value was gradually reduced, requiring the introduction of wall insulation. With modern day building regulations we have a situation where the maximum U value for walls is 0.3. Installing the Celotex Pl4000 system can help to meet 
this new U value.

Solid wall heat loss

According to the energy saving trust one third of your homes heat is lost through external walls. Many homes built before the 1940s were built using solid brick construction which means there is no cavity between the bricks,instead the bricks are tied together to form one solid wall. These buildings are strong and timeless but unfortunately they have very poor insulation value and government is tackling this issue currently by installing high performance solid wall insulation nationwide in an effort to reduce CO2 emissions. 

People living in these dwellings use excessive amounts of heating during cold winter months in an attempt to warm their homes. due to the poor insulation value of these properties a large portion of heat generated is literally sucked through the walls and so heating is usually turned up high & left on for extended periods of time creating expensive energy bills.

People are surprised to discover that 35% of heat is lost through solid external walls, even when double glazing, loft insulation & sufficient floor insulation is installed, Solid walls are often over looked but they play a big part in heat loss.

Why insulating from the inside makes sense

Victorian property benefitting from exterior decorative oak beams,lintels & render

Many older solid wall properties benefit from attractive exterior features such as render work, brick & cement lintels and oak beam cladding. Insulating from the outside means sacrificing the appearance of your property & compromising on the overall character of the build in order to save on energy. This is where insulating from the inside is highly beneficial.

Insulating from the inside means that any external features are left well alone. Instead of insulating an entire external front, side or rear of a building, the insulation process can be broken down into separate rooms meaning that the cost is also segmented as individual internal walls can be insulated one at a time.No scaffolding is needed and new interior plasterwork is also included as part of the insulation process making internal wall insulation the smart choice.

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