Sound insulation
Reducing background noise transfer through shared walls

Soundboard installation

SD Roberts Plastering can install soundproofing systems to party walls & areas where background noise is causing problems such as at night. The soundboards can be fixed direct to party walls or fixed to additional framework with rockwool sound insulation

Installing Soundboard to reduce party wall noise

Soundboard 3

Soundboard 3 is a slimline product which is applied 'direct to wall' with screws. it is a 3 part laminate product made up of acoustic plasterboard, mass loaded vinyl & acoustic foam. It is effective in reducing noise such as conversation, TV noise & moderate music coming through from party walls. The soundboard 3 is 24mm thick & finished with plaster & skirting boards.

Depending on the situation it is possible to maximize the Soundboard system by building a framework which is fixed in front of the problem wall & filled with a sound insulation slab (acoustic plasterboard can also be used singularly to clad existing surfaces.When used with rockwool sound insulation slabs the Soundboards are fixed over the framework (Doubling up layers will further increase the effectiveness of the soundproofing)

The edges are sealed with caulking or acoustic sealant & any joints in the soundboards are taped using a fibreglass mesh which prevents cracking. the wall is then plastered with gypsum finishing plaster & finished with skirting board if required.

Additional timber can be inserted during the framework installation should you need to fix shelving / brackets to the new walls such as kitchen units/radiators etc, electrics & plumbing may need repositioning during installation all of which SD Roberts can cover as part of the installation process.

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Soundboard 3 installation 

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