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Plastering Leamington Spa
Case study, Autumn 2017

Job: Restore interior plasterwork throughout
Location: Leam Terrace, Leamington Spa
Customer: Bowen Bowen LTD

We were called by Bowen Bowen LTD to help out on this beautiful Georgian villa in leamington, It was a big job & Peter Bowen explained that he wanted a showroom finish and was looking for a team that could turn out high quality plastering to compliment the finishes he had in mind for the renovation. The walls & ceilings were to be painted once plastered & so clean, crisp lines were required & flat smooth blemish free surfaces. I was confident that we could meet Peters expectation & after showing him our many customer testimonials & portfolio we were awarded the contract.

Works began on the 12ft high ceilings which were all lath & plaster & badly cracked, Peter had stressed that the original plaster cornicing was to remain in place which meant we could not remove the lath & plaster or over board the ceilings for risk of losing the edge on the cornice, Instead we treated the ceilings using a high strength fibreglass mesh used to reinforce the fragile plaster. The mesh was screw fixed with thin washers into the ceiling joists then two coats of finish plaster applied. We used the same system on the walls & throughout the entire interior of the property & needless to say the plasterwork polished up to Peters showroom standard and was painted to leave an immaculate finish.

Customer review left by Bowen Bowen

Working on older properties restoring aging plaster is what we do best, It gives us satisfaction bringing these old homes back to life & we would love to help you on your project. Thank you for visiting today, if you would like a quote on a plastering job in Warwickshire then contact us below & we will get back to you as soon as possible